Is this what you want?

Lily- I know you can’t stand me. Whatever. I thought you and I had a better relationship than that, but I guess not.

Emma- is this what you want? I just want things to go back to normal. No more fine tooth comb. No more blocking. I’m assuming since you haven’t pushed the issue of texting me that you don’t want me in your life. When Alyssa and I visited you at work, that’s what I want. I didn’t get upset that I was of no interest to you, but it made me happy Alyssa was happy to see you.

It’s horrible as a mother to be thrown out like trash by your daughters, in addition to the rest of your family.

Your dad can make all of this drama go away, but doesn’t. I just want the opportunity to be a mom to you and find out how you are doing. I just want to be a mom to help you through tough times, but this legal drama your dad created has made me a “tough time”. I’m a complete stranger to you guys.

I hope you guys learn to deal with your problems instead of blocking and running. It’s very immature and irresponsible. This all started over me being sad that I was alone with Alyssa and Noah on Thanksgiving. I’m not even sure what, specifically, bothered you, because instead of talking to me, you blocked me and ran. πŸ‘Ž

2 thoughts on “Is this what you want?

  1. No parent should ever have to deal with their own kids not wanting them in their life unless there was some serious abuse and or neglect going on. It’s beyond shameful when one parent uses an innocent child as a pawn in a game to get even with the other parent. It’s beyond shameful and ridiculous. People say that the truth will always come to light. Eventually. I pray it may be so in your case with your two older daughters and they will turn around and come running back to you. Don’t give up hope. You are a very strong woman in Christ.


    1. I swear on my life it was like feeling 1000 knives pierce through my heart. I did nothing but sob for quite a while. Today, I’m spending the day in Lancaster with my two youngest to brighten my spirits.


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