About the Administrator 

In February 2015, the administrator of this page, Stephanie Tilley, was in a car accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury and almost died. While she was in a coma, the world went on. When she woke up, she wondered, “Why did I survive? What is my purpose?” Then, just 6 months after her wreck, she got pregnant. Being a mother is her purpose.

To watch a summary of her story, click on the link below (Stephanie’s Story):

🔲 “Awake and Alive”

(Shane Flanigan/Zanesville Times Recorder)

There were also 3 Times Recorder articles published in regards to my accident:

A Costly Distraction (Bradley W. Parks/Zanesville Times Recorder)

  • Her 5lb purpose is Alyssa Copelynn, born May 2016 at 5lbs 3oz 💜
  • Her newest 5lb purpose is Noah Kenneth weighing 5.7, on April 6, 2019
  • Her other purposes are Emma/2002 (4lb4oz) and Lillian/2006 (4lb8oz) 💜💜