Tim Latier

I’ve wondered for years, why do you hate me so much? We got along well before the wreck and you *seemed* pretty supportive after the wreck, until I asked you if we could try to rekindle our marriage. You said no, and I became depressed. I wanted a family and structure again.

I wondered why I survived the wreck, just 2 months after I woke up from the coma. My house had been sold, my parents gave me childish rules (when and when I couldn’t have my phone, when I could and couldn’t go in the kitchen, when I could and couldn’t watch tv) and when I didn’t follow them, they took me to the police station and my dad said, “she’s your problem now.” Within 6 months after my wreck you filed for custody of Emma and Lily. You also filed a bogus CPO claiming I asked an old landlord and/or her husband to kill you. There was no proof this happened, so I wasn’t charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Why? Why did you do that to me? You kicked me when I was down. You have me blocked in every way. I have tried to make peace numerous times, but why would you want peace? You get about $400 a month for disability for the girls (even though I never requested a penny of child support after the divorce) and you have completely alienated me. You would get no benefit from the girls having a mom.

People ask me when things went sour with you, and the only thing I can think of is when I woke up from the coma. You wanted me to die. How can anyone not respect the hatred I have toward you: you took my daughters, shoved a knife in my back, and for the last 5 years, your silence and inability to compromise is vinegar on my bleeding heart.

I would be more than willing to move forward in an amicable way if you gave me a chance to be a mom. I haven’t talked to my daughters in months and I’m waiting on your contempt hearing that was delayed by COVID-19. You have slandered and defaced me so much I can’t even communicate with them, in any way.