Emma and Lily

I know you both resent me for your past. I did the best I could given how I had become pregnant with you, and I tried to make you happy. You’ve been *brainwashed* to only see the bad, and I respect that. You’re goals are to make me miserable, as your dad has. I’m giving up role as you mother and focusing on the 2 children that love and need me. I’m very disappointed in you girls and I hope you understand what mother fucking hell I have been through. Lily sneaks out of her dads house without him knowing, and I’m sorry to say I tried to win her love by purchasing items that she insisted on needing,


Edit: I’m not sure if this was before or after this blog post, but it’s proof she doesn’t want a mother, and with all of her sneaking out and drug use, she obviously has no parents. I have fought so hard to be their mom and it was a waste of time and money.