Lying awake at 2am

Wondering if I will ever be part of my older daughters lives.

I’m really confused at why a “Christian” (Tim Latier) would make up defacing lies and eliminate his daughters mother from their lives.

I have nightmares almost every night of him and/or Linda telling me off. They haunt me. That makes Jesus look HORRIBLE that they claim to “know” Him. I drove to my daughter’s work the other day to order some take out, but gave up before I even went in to order.

They have no idea how much I miss them. I doubt they care.

I am completely blessed with with Alyssa and Noah, but they don’t replace Emma and Lillian. I wish I had a chance to start over, but they have forgot I exist. I’m happy with who I have become, unfortunately they will never know “me”.

#NewHopeFullGospel is their church. Pray for them. All of them.

Spring playtime
Pretending to eat
Restore Funtime
More springtime play
Ready for dance
After dance picnic pizza date
Stack em up!
Watching Songs for Littles
Exploring Alyssa’s room
Valentine’s Day 2021
They love each other 🖤
BFF time 👯‍♀️