I miss Emma and Lily ☹️

I was listening to State Champs: Living Proof, it’s basically the only cd in my van, so whenever Peppa Pig or Little Baby Bum isn’t on (which is, like, 1 day a week ha) I listen to State Champs. I’ve heard this song a million times, but I had to pull over and sob because I thought about my oldest daughter Emma. She loves State Champs, as well, but I’m so disconnected from her. Does she have her license? How was her boyfriend, Brandon, doing? Does she like her job? Is life going well for her? I sat on the side of the road and sobbed while I listen to this song asking those questions in my head. Don’t get me wrong, I think about Lily as well. I love both of them more than they will ever know. There’s nothing I can do to make things better. No matter what I do, whether I move forward or live in the past, nothing is going to change. My family won’t grow more love for me, I won’t get to see my daughters, “you” will still judge me, whomever you are. Why would I think that anything would get better? The only thing I can do is look at pictures of my positive memories. Last night, I started to make this compilation, and just got finished. I hope you enjoy it.

*** Please let me know if you click on the link and don’t see the video*** 😊

I LOVE YOU BOTH Emma Leigh Anne and Lillian Grace.

Click here to see a video I made for Emma and Lily 🖤 https://youtu.be/VbmjmcLLKJs

P.S. I hope you like your plaque that I had mailed to you, Emma🖤