Proverbs 27:3

I tried to drop 2 lawn and leaf bags of my old clothes (mostly name brand) for my older 2 daughters and my ex husbands mom LINDA LATIER comes out screaming at me (in front of my daughters). She claims she is Christian. I find that hard to believe. She has such a black heart and a corrupt soul.

I’m saddened that my daughters had to see such hatred. I’m not sure if they support her behavior, or not. There are moms out there that push their kids off on someone else and don’t take care of their kids, then there is me: fighting tooth and nail to even get the opportunity to see my kids.

I explained to my youngest daughter this morning that Linda Latier is evil. She asked why TJ and Linda “not like you”, I said I’m not sure. I told her that I thought it was because I didn’t want to be married to TJ.

It’s because I survived the wreck, or I was depressed after I survived the wreck.

As I’ve said, the one that suffers is Noah. He is growing up without sisters.

One thought on “Proverbs 27:3

  1. Emma,

    This is the only way I have to communicate with you, other than Google Voice, which I’m sure you ignore. It’s very easy for you, your dad, and your Grandma tilley to block and ignore. That’s a very poor way of dealing with problems.

    If you didn’t want the clothes, you should have told your grandma Tilley to tell me that, instead of having your other grandma tell me off. I can’t take this anymore. You have a voice and the fact that you allow your latier family to attack me is proof you don’t want me as a mother. You have sleepless nights? Me too. You have stress and anxiety? Me too. Welcome to the real world, kiddo. I’ll always love you and I’ll always fight for you, and pray that the spell the Latier’s have you under fades off. I’m a damn good mom and I’m tired of feeling like shit because of your dad and grandmother, namely your grandmother. Hopefully someday you’ll want a relationship with me and your little brother.


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