Lying in bed, missing my 2 oldest

I’m not sure how 1 judge can think I’m a good mom and 1 judge believe the lies of a vengeful ex husband.

I know my daughters get upset when I mention their dad, but how in the hell am I supposed to feel that he kicked me when I was down? I was in a car accident, lost my life as i knew it, and wondered why i was alive. He shoved a knife in my back.

I’m supposed to pretend that didn’t happen?

Made up a bogus restraining order? Alienated me from my daughters?


Am I supposed to just forget they exist? Keep fighting for them?

There is no right answer. I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

He took most of the photos and videos from me while I was in a coma, this is most of what I have:

I enjoy every moment I’m awake with my 2 youngest

One thought on “Lying in bed, missing my 2 oldest

  1. Those videos are so cute. You beat yourself up, but you have always been an awesome mom. I’m so sorry your ex husband has made it his mission to destroy you. I’m confused at why your daughters allow him to… I know that hurts you terribly. They are, what, 13 and 17? If they aren’t standing up for their mom, or to at least have you as a mom, they are going to have a rough life. You must feel like they either don’t love you or don’t think you’re worth fighting for, or you would hear from them.

    I’m so sorry, Stephanie.

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