Woman/cat meme

The stalker picture is mostly for my… stalkers… well, one that I know of 🐶

1) I’m not interested in sweeping my problems under a rug, which is why I suggested therapy.

2) therapy isn’t playtime. The visitation center is where play time occurs.

3) how can things be going well, and all of the sudden you change your mind? It was a stupid blog about me spending thanksgiving alone. Don’t be selfish and turn it into something more dramatic, I’m pretty sure you didn’t spend thanksgiving alone with your infant and toddler because you’re a failure and no one wants you around (which is what everyone wants me to believe). Alyssa and Noah love me, I would rather spend it with them than with people that look down on me.

2 thoughts on “Woman/cat meme

  1. The holidays are supposed to be, and should be a time of rejoicing and spending quality time with loved ones. That being said there are still wounds and it does not help when one who’s made it their mission to create a life of turmoil and trouble comes along to ruin your happiness. It takes time and much energy to create havoc for another person and often times when one is soo determined and dedicated to creating such hardships for another, one cannot be truly happy and creating hardship for others. Using all that time and energy causes one to truly miss out on the most important things of life.
    Always know that you are never alone and not just because you have your two very adorable kids but also great friends who will always cherish you.

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