I love my babies

I’m so lucky to have Alyssa and Noah. It doesn’t change the fact that I miss my older daughters. I cry for them almost every night. Their dad and I signed an agreement for us to communicate, but I have determined that was a lie.

I just don’t know what to believe.

I have such happy memories with my older daughters… making them costumes, doing projects, making creative dinners and snacks, watching tv and talking almost every evening.

Did I make those memories up?

They look at me as the enemy. I’ve done everything I can to change that, to no avail. I do have enemies, yes, and those enemies do not know the love I have for my children.

I will always have 4 kids, but I only have 2 that want me in their lives.

Maggie and everyone associated with my children’s dads: please leave me alone. Do not comment. I know you don’t like me, the feeling is reciprocal. My daughters are growing up without their mom, if that makes you happy, get therapy.