Happy Mother’s Day!

As a mother, I have learned a lot prior to this Mother’s Day.

Most recently, I have become in contact with my step-mother… I have learned that hostility is hereditary. I have been against step-mothers because I was trained, emotionally and hereditarily, to be against them.

Don’t get me wrong– I have been exposed to some evil hostility in step-mothers that reinforced my negative assessment.

Maggie, I forgive you if we can be civil and not try to eliminate or replace each other. Respect my position as a loving mother that has been in a disgusting war with both the fathers of her daughters and do not wish to share her position with Michelle, Linda, Margaret, or whomever. I meant the text I sent this morning wishing you a happy Mother’s Day.

My stepmom has a special name– La la. It’s not mammaw or mugga, she’s not out to replace. She is simply out to love.

Since I have reconnected with her, I have discovered a new respect for the people associated with my children, and I apologize that I have acted so carelessly, but accept my apology.

Proverbs 22:6 says to train up a child in the way they should go, and when they are old, they should not depart from it.

I was trained step-parents are enemies. It was very black and white- my biological mom threatened my step-mom 30 years after I had been alienated from her. I was an adult and had no indication that there was still drama being instigated by my biological mother. When I found out, I was absolutely disgusted. It caused me to reflect on my children’s lives. I’ve never had a problem with my older daughters because their dad normally had brief relationships with younger coworkers, such as myself. Now that he’s dating a significantly older woman, he has become hell-bent on replacing me, and has, based on the fact they seem to be a happy family taking vacations and whatnot.

As I stated previously, I was told Tim had no interest in reconciliation by someone that should not have known that, and moments later he confirmed that accusation. I’m not sure if he really believes the lies he construed, or he’s using that as mental-permission to act like a total piece of shit, but I certainly did not ask his sexbuddy/drug addict friends father to kill him. I actually rejected sexual advances from that same man, so the testimony I asked him to harm Tim at Waffle House was absurd.

Anywho, I’m trying to be more respectful to Alyssa’s dad and stepmom. Her dad is cordial, for the most part, and I appreciate that.

Alyssa went on a field trip with a friend and his daughter, I have a feeling it is to get a gift for me and his wife *wink*, so I’m going to hold my son, enjoy this glass of wine, and watch a couple episodes from the new season of Lucifer.

Happy Mother’s Day, ladies, and Happy Early Fathers Day to you dudes out there 😊