Happy Easter from my family to yours!

Since I don’t have extended family, I had a WONDERFUL thanksgiving with my 2 children and people that are dear to my heart. The night before Easter, my daughter dressed up in her Frozen dress and wanted to go “somewhere”. We ended up going over to my friend, Jessica’s, and Alyssa played with her son, Malakai.

The next morning, she discovered the Easter bunny came and brought her and her baby brother baskets of yummies!

I made her ‘eggies’ and brown sugar cream of wheat before we started to get ready for church.

We went to a beautiful service at our church and discussed the real reason for Easter.

We decided to celebrate Easter with Jessica and Malakai.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter, as I did with the loves of my life!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!

(I don’t mention my older 2 children because I am not part of their lives, and I have lost hope of being involved anytime soon. I’ve begged for therapy, and after 1 session I left sobbing. It’s apparent that they believe the hatred and lies, I haven’t heard from the therapist about another appointment and i don’t anticipate it. The last appointment was “closure” (despite what I’m told) I will never stop trying to be in their lives, but i have to stop expecting things to go “back to the way things were”, because it will never happen, no thanks to the plaintiff in this dispute that the Bible warns against. I don’t have family, other than Alyssa and Noah, so I will do nothing but cherish them. I’m blessed with people that love me, that’s all I need.)

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