Thought of the day… er, yesterday

Faith is a personal sentiment. If we are judging and criticizing others, we aren’t investigating ourselves. Just show love and kindness to others. Don’t tell them how to think or to feel…

I was using my love for my daughter as an analogy:

Do you know I love Alyssa?

Of course.

How? Do I tell you regularly and/or make efforts to convince you?

No, you’re constantly focused on her when you have her, and showing her you love her. She’s always dressed so cute and you’re always doing fun, educational stuff with her.

Moral of the story: let your faith, morals, and ethics guide who you are and who you want to be. Convincing people that “you are right, etc” does nothing but cause arduous disputes. “A city on a hill can not be hidden.” Matthew 5:14

Chapter is closing

I don’t know what to tell you, Mike. I completely understand, they have moved on without me and are being manipulated by their dad, like I was when I was Emma’s age. Maybe they will love me when they are in their 30’s and can see that ALL HE HAS DONE FOR 4 YEARS IS PROVOKE ME WITHOUT ACCEPTING RESPONSIBILITY. He’s by no means perfect, so he needs to stop pointing the finger. His daughters will ultimately be punished when they never get to know their brother. Instead of suing me for money (while you live with mommy and daddy and drive an Audi) be a respectful father and have a civil conversation with their mother. Then, you won’t have to have Brad stalk me. The drama is ALL on your side.

I wish you girls the best. I cherish the happy memories before this atrocious war started.

Please, don’t ever forget our kitchen parties with cake pops, pie pops, donut pops, and whatever we could come up with. We used to experiment with what we could make in the waffle maker.

It’s weird if you don’t understand that I woke up from a coma with NOTHING (no baby, no house, no car, no job) and the guy that sat by my side the whole time didn’t want anything to do with me. Took my girls away when I cried. He then joined forces with my ex boyfriend to (try) and take my baby.

Since that time, I have been consistently provoked. Constant death threats, being put down by the fathers of my daughters. NO I HAVE NOT HANDLED IT WELL. Your dad has made NO EFFORT to make things better (or even communicate with me in 3 years), he has done nothing but provoke, degrade, and try to eliminate me. He has been successful.

I will always love you. Remember the good times.

You haven’t always hated me.