Science, music, embellishment, Futbol and Princess Squeak☺️

Ok… so 3 things I have in common with all 3 of my daughters are part of the title…

  • Science (stay tuned about our visit to COSI)
  • Music
  • Girly-girl-beautification-fluffiness

I have had the opportunity to spend some incredible time with my youngest. At 11:24am on April 4, 2018 my life was miraculously changed. I will remember that time and day along the lines of the birth of a child… my phone rang and I was told news that would change my life, and it did.

I have a newer, more sparkly way of looking at life. I feel immortal and whimsical, but just like Mario, I have to keep and eye out for King Koopa, who is always kidnapping Princess Peach. The difference between my life and the Mushroom Kingdom is that I never recall Bowser making the slight attempt to be considerate to Mario. Hypothetically, I think that Mario would be indefatigably skeptical, as I am. Smile and wave, Mario. Smile and wave.

I do and always have enjoy(ed) great makeover-time with my daughters. Emma, Lily, and I have enjoyed some facials lately, including microdermabrasion. I have so many fond memories of makeovers and such! Alyssa (Pipsqueak) also loves when we touch up our make-up in the bathroom. I have assembled a small makeup kit with brushes (used, for more of an authentic look), a foundation sponge, some empty powder containers, lip gloss, and whatever else I could throw in there🤪. She puts lotion on her foundation sponge and blots it over her face. She loves our primping time, but not as much as I do 🙂

Another thing I have been doing is listening to more music and watching less tv (namely Lucifer. Dang his accent. 😍) I have been making playlists, namely for my ‘Squeaky‘ car rides. Alyssa loves a handful of songs, ranging from Hillsong United, to Indie pop.

I’ve also made a playlist for my 11-year-old, Lillian. It’s mostly Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift, but there’s a song from The Clash on it. I’m embarrassed to say that I secretly love T-Swizzle, despite what my close friends of the earlier part of this decade may believe 😂 darn catchy tunes. One of my closest friends, Mikey, knows a lot about her. I think he and I are gonna start an anonymous TAYTAY support group.

Emma’s playlist consists of punk and power pop. I have become addicted to pop meets punk… er punk meets pop… well, the ensnaring of punk/pop. That’s become my workout music, my playlist is a mix of the 3 threads of my daughters’ playlists with some 90’s, alternative rock, and classic rock added. I love me some Van Hagar 😍!

So back to the working out… as you all know I was in an automobile-accident in 2015 that put me into a 2-month coma with a Traumatic Brain Injury. I have been trying so hard to achieve happiness and contentment with my 2nd chance at life. I celebrated my 3-year ‘rebirthday‘ April 10, 2018. I have been wanting to make more of an effort to improve my physical body, and there’s no better time than now. Over the last 3 years, I have reached out to different wellness centers nearby, and none of them felt welcoming. I was trying to learn what types of activities would benefit my shortcomings, and it was hard to even get a return call. A week or two ago, I visited a local sports and wellness center, The Fieldhouse, and talked to the owner, Mic Amicone, and the President, Alainna Amicone-Durfee. They were very excited to help me start on the path to taking control of my physical situation minutes into our first conversations. It gave me a good feeling, and hope ☺️.

In the beginning, there was light!

My right-foot doesn’t cooperate, which is my biggest setback, among other things. I started on a cycle-trainer and felt good about my progress, so after about 30 minutes of that, I decided to check out a cardio class, which was kind of a big jump on day 1… the instructor, Tressa Reilly, who I found out was also the Director of Group Fitness, was very friendly and gave tips for my maximum benefit without making me feel uncomfortable (I mean, I’m obviously not 100%!) I stayed the entire class and gave it my best shot. Alainna and Tressa asked me after class what my goal was, and I told them to kick a soccer ball. So do you know what they did? They encouraged me to do it. AND I DID IT! I feel invincible… like a million bucks. I fell, and I didn’t kick it well, but I achieved my goal… because I can do anything I put my mind and heart to.

My conclusion is that when King Koopa tries to spit fire at you and succeeds at stealing Princess Peach, stay:
  • Strong (emotionally and physically)
  • Positive and optimistic
  • Rational and respectful

Utilize the friends and skills you have. There are many challenges ahead and the road will get tougher…in due time, you will conquer. You will be stronger than you believe you ever were or could be.

You will save Princess Peach.

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3 thoughts on “Science, music, embellishment, Futbol and Princess Squeak☺️

  1. Hahaha love it! MARIO always gets Peach back 😉

    I’m going to have to talk to Mikey about his secret knowledge of Taylor Swift 🤯😢

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      1. Hahaha thank god! If he liked Taylor Swift I’d have a conniption 😂

        The Mario reference is fantastic though. I love to see you thriving!! So proud of how strong you are and have become. 🤗❤️

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