Vote for Clean Slate 2018

With christmas being over, time to start thinking of 2017 being over. What I hope to accomplish in 2018 is leaving 2017 in the past.

With a new year, we get a fresh start on not only our calendar, but our hopes and dreams.

What I hope to do is prepare for my future, and my daughters’ futures. I have full intentions of continuing to put them first.

While we prepare for the future, we have to learn to let go of the things in the past that prevent a positive outcome of future. This is a new beginning.

People that I have looked up to and trusted, have turned against me. I forgive them. I forgive myself. I could sit around listing their many faults, or listing mine, but that is not preparation toward the future.

We need to let go of the things that don’t prevent a positive outcome of the future.

Start over

Starting over takes a leap of faith. While you may have the excitement of potential possibilities and the forthcoming highway, you probably have the fear of things taken an unexpected disintegration.

Govern your regrets

As Robert Frost encapsulated, it’s debatable whether human beings tend to regret the road taken or the road not taken more.  Are your regrets things you have erroneously done, or things you faultily did not do? Use regrets productively to see where you’ve been, see where you’re going to go, and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Make a plan

Stop crying over spilled milk and get off the devil-advocacy carousel! Assign yourself a period of time (and only that time) to deliberately worry about your problem and learn from it. However, anxiety is fed by being alone, so one plan is to surround yourself with some friends you trust, and talk through your worries.

Use your imagination

  • Do what I say, not what I do
  • Make it easy to take the advice you give

Imagine your situation in a new light could give you a deeper understanding and help you to process it in a way you would advise someone else to do it. Recently, I have mentally put myself in my enemies shoes, I have remembered how I handled those dilemmas I was once presented with, and I’m embarrassed to say I acted similarly. I also realize by looking at it that way, it gave me more insight, “gosh I didn’t know the whole story when I acted like that!” Of course the situation wasn’t as complicated as mine, and I didn’t handle myself nearly as disrespectfully as others have or I could have, but by looking at it through different goggles, it gave me a different approach.

Focus your mindset

It’s not just what you’re thinking, it’s how your thinking.

  • Do you want a positive, peaceful conclusion?


  • Do you want to solve a problem?

So by focusing your energy on the goal, your approach isn’t working? That’s a signal to refocus your mindset so that you can reconsider all of your options.


Be creative as you begin to think about what you want to do next, and get engrossed in things you could do that put you in flow. Crafts? Hobbies? Jump in 🙂

Never use your failure, yesterday, as an excuse for not trying again, today. We may not be able to undo damages, but we can always wipe the slate clean.


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