This is hereby declared a “rut-free” zone 🚯📈

I find it can be easy to get stuck in a rut, and even if I want to move forward with a predicament, it may feel overwhelming and/or futile. There some steps I like to take so that I can acquire the energy needed to escape this rut.

I first need to examine myself. Once I have completed the examination, I can take the first few steps forward into a better tomorrow.

What is your biggest problem with this predicament?

I’ve had to think about that recently, and I’m learning. Why would I argue over 5 minutes? I’ve already lost 5 minutes trying to decide if I wanted to argue about it. Waste of energy…

What is your feared conclusion?

If it’s cloudy, and I don’t want it to rain, I have to remember that rain makes flowers pretty. 🌈💐 Think about the negative and positive impacts that the feared conclusion has. Do you have anything that is worth worrying about? You know how the idiom goes… Worrying is borrowing trouble.

What do you hope will become of it?

Line that up with the other questions in this blog…

•If I am hoping for a beautiful day, won’t the flowers impact the day’s beauty?

•I can’t get back the 5 minutes I have lost.

What is your biggest characteristic feature that may be advantageous in this predicament?

My friend just asked me what I want to accomplish with this blog, and my answer is the same as it is any other day: I have always been a visual and linguistic learner. When I type these blogs, sometimes I have an ‘a-ha’ moment. I write down my thoughts, see them, and they click. It’s like a going to college as a hobby 🤓

My biggest characteristic feature is my desire to help others. I’m using that feature for a personal development, I’m sharing what I learn, in turn, I learn what I share. 🎀

Other things you need to make sure you do, and happen to be titles to songs music 🎶🎵:

Let it go (the past) : Mistakes and heartbreaks are best left as learning curves.

Listen to your heart : Others may offer guidance/advice. However, it could be hurtful and/or helpful. Regardless, you need to make decisions based on your own desires and ideas without worrying about what others expect of you.

Make up your mind : Not making a choice, is a choice itself. If you are consistently indecisive, it could hurt you (self-doubt) at the most crucial moments.

Right now : wouldn’t you rather fix the mistake, than worry about when it will happen?

Excuses : Something that is considered an obstacle can be overcome with little effort. Telling yourself that the obstacles are too overwhelming may be false, and it needs to stop.

No surprises : Sometimes, things do not need an explanation. Fixating on the desire for an explanation can hold you back from greater things.

Drive : Be honest with your fears, what is holding you back? Once you know your fears, learn how to let them go.

I know you’re confused, but stay strong and keep moving forward!!! What you have done so far shows that deep down, you DO desire peace. Keep that mindset and things will get better.

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  1. Awe I came to your blog thinking I could catch up on reading but dang girl look at you go, many blog posts just in December! I just have lists of ideas and drafts that I never get around to actually finishing. I’m definitely going to put more effort into it! I love your reason for blogging, that is what it’s all about, sharing your knowledge with others and learning something from your thoughts!

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