Clutch puppy🐾👜

As many of you may know, I have always had a love for Yorkshire Terriers. They are small, cute, and do not aggravate my allergies. I have been blessed to have a couple Yorkies throughout my life, but I’ve been so busy and preoccupied that I haven’t given the attention they deserve.

After my wreck, a clutch puppy adopted me (he’s not a purse puppy because he’s barely 5 pounds, Pipsqueak was bigger than him when she was born). He has his own car seat in the passenger seat, I leave the tv on for him when I leave him home (which is rare). I used to make his dog food which I may start doing again, after I do some vegan research… I make a great effort to treat him well.

About once a week, I spend the night with my friends out of town, who have a Dorgi (Dachshund/Corgi) and 2 cats. Their Dorgi, Princess Magnolia Margarine Stasik (Maggie), and Diesel get along very well, but the cats, Stewart and Louise, intimidate him quite a bit. Early on, he flipped out quite a bit, but after he realized they were not nice to anyone they approve, he has been handling himself better. Even that is arbitrary haha. Strangers that you know don’t like you can be foreboding and can cause erratic, defensive nature, but Diesel is learning (like I am) that it’s easier to just let people (or cats) ruin their lives instead of causing problems with your erratic, defensive nature…

Its not worth the energy or stress.

So in conclusion, Diesel has reminded me that even though cats and girl dogs he doesn’t know can be intimidating, if you handle yourself well and stay calm and rational (instead of enervated and debilitate) they will not be worth your timorous comportment. I honestly think he is strong and rational enough to not fear a bulldog, as rough-skinned and intimidating as they are. He’s teaching me a lot for being a 4lb clutch puppy. ✌️😉🤙

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  1. Animals are truly amazing. If people paid more attention to them they could learn so much. If we open our eyes to the world around us and don’t ignore unpleasantries, it would be a much different world we live in.

    Stay strong! Ignore those bully dogs. You are 10x stronger than any of those people. Be like Diesel. Lol

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