Browns repetitive losing streak attributed to not having enough likes on Facebook 👍

Social media can be an great way to share positive information and keep up with events with our friends and family, but it should not replace our personal relationships. It can often portray a deceitful perception of the factual content and needs to have a more-modest role in our lives.

We impact people the most through personal interaction, not social media. When we see tragic events on Facebook or Twitter, we need to recognize that those are real people that need serious help. People are not going to be sustained through likes and clicks on social media if they are in need.

Your identity lives in how you handle your life and personally effect others, not in who you create online/in how many likes you get. Social media can make all posts look the same causing difficulty for our minds to demarcate trivial events from crucial.

So imagine if you saw a video of a mother praying over a house, and the caption read, “oh my gosh, this girl is psycho, she’s such a bad mother”, but the mother was praying to her Creator for peace and protection for her daughter, you wouldn’t know the difference because social media desensitizes perception and only gives limited opinions, not necessarily factual truth.

In conclusion, society has been reared on this unfortunate effect. Brutal & perverse violence, defamation, slander, hatred, jealousy, (I could go on listing negative nouns, but you get the point) actions are being tolerated at high levels in society. After reading this, if you agree, post this blog on your Facebook and encourage peace and happiness.

It’s a beautiful day because you are alive. Enjoy it. 💜

I want the browns to be my pallbearers… so they can let me down one last time.

But they will probably screw that up too. 🤦‍♀️

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