Cherish your family time💜

It’s approaching the end of the fall season, which is my favorite time of year. I love the cool-crisp air, bonfires, chili, leaves changing, so much more. It’s so pretty.

Growing up, we had a majority of our family events at my grandmother’s, and I have a lot of very fond memories. We always had salads before dinner, and that included homemade Italian dressing. My Cousins and I would bring our baby dolls and play with them in the spare bedroom. Grandma always had a coca-cola cookie jar filled with cookies. This is the time of year when we would go over and make homemade cookies. My favorite was raisin-filled. Mmm mmmm. On New Years, we would go over for ham, cabbage, and potato soup. During the summer, we would have many cookouts over there and swim in her pool. Easter included an eggstra-special Easter egg hunt. Most importantly, she always had Coca-Cola, the only soda worth drinking.

This is just a small portion of the beautiful memories I have from my Gramma Mac’s home, growing up. It has slowed down as we have got older and acquired different families. Since she has passed, it has ended. Even though I don’t talk to my family much (outside of my parents), I will forever hold the happy memories. 💜

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  1. Beautiful. Memories of the good times help make the bad more of a fog. Childhood memories of family get togethers are some of my favorites to look back on. ❤️

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