Mommy loves you, Pipsqueak 💜

While I was pregnant, I listened to Alyssa’s heartbeat every night.

I purchased a Doppler to do so.

I talked to her, sang to her.

She was ripped away when she was 2 days old.

I haven’t seen her in over 2 months because her dad doesn’t have use for me, as we only dated 2 months and he didn’t attend any appointment I invited him to.

For 9 months I listened to her, talked to her, went to Mount Carmel East 2-3 times a week, begged her dad to be part of the pregnancy, invited him to appointments that he had no interest in attending, planned on giving her the best life I possibly could. Now I’m sitting alone, drinking rum on ice wondering why my daughters’ fathers do not respect me as a mother. Parental alienation is an act of violence aimed at an adult, but critically wounds a child. I have not been found unfit, and it’s embarrassing to have adults in my daughters’ lives spreading “assumed knowledge”/slander that embarrasses my daughters, ultimately. I was told that Maggie, Alyssa’s stepmom, posted something evil about me and people that I have never even met asked why I couldn’t just take a hint and accept defeat. You know why I can’t? Because for 9 months, I listened to her, talked to her, went to Mount Carmel 2-3 times a week every week, and gave birth to her.

Mommy loves you, Pipsqueak, and Mommy can’t wait to hold you really soon!