I’m hanging in there💜

I’m trying so hard to stay positive. Because of the CONSTANT attacks and accusations that my daughters’ father’s friends, family, and, well anyone within 10 miles of their hateful attitudes, I spend a lot of time at home, by myself.

I BEGGED for help from everyone I possibly could, and their prior attorney filed a restraining order for ‘emotional distress’. You really want to know about emotional distress? Try:

  • almost dying in a car wreck
  • waking up without purpose
  • getting everything (including your daughters, church family) taken from you (because of your depression)
  • getting pregnant then cheated on with a recovering alcoholic
  • finding purpose then…
  • fighting tooth and nail to see your newborn for an hour
  • getting defaced and slandered by a drug addict and alcoholic
  • Plus much more

I’m in the best place, mentally, I have been in, in years, but their constant manipulation is hurting my daughters… and me.

Someday, I will have the opportunity to explain to them that I love them so very much and I will never stop/never have stopped trying to show them that.

Unfortunately, what we are paying in legal fees probably could have sent each of them to Harvard.

This is a legal ‘pissing match’, excuse my French, and I’m not giving up anytime soon. I will sell the shirt off my back to fight for 1 hour with my daughters. I’m so thankful I have an attorney that believes in me and is willing to fight for me, no matter what. I’m thankful for him, my parents, and my friends that have stood by my side and are encouraging me to stay strong.