5lb Scoop of the Day: The Chicken Crossed the Road 🐥

Less is more. Something that has really become apparent to me is that less is more. That, mixed with, actions speak louder than words. You could tell somebody that you love them 500 times but if you don’t show it, the love is not there. You could say it once, and if you’re showing love, that once will be heard 1 million times in their heart and head. Also, by saying one-thing once, that’s all you need to do. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t say it more than once. Remember, repeating yourself numerous times is basically a waste of your time and the audience’ time. 
Including too many details in a description, in my honest opinion, opens the door to drama. It opens the door to more topics that can be analyzed. Example: 
The chicken crossed the road. 
The elderly chicken quickly crossed the road during rush hour with a flower in his hand. 
Why are the adjectives necessary? Just a description? Why? The chicken crossed the road. Period. Adjectives are for making a person feel more involved and emotionally invested whereas not using them is more for technical and to the point. Choose your use of ‘more words’ carefully and sporadically. 

Not only does repetition waste peoples time, it causes the words to lose their meaning. Repeating that the chicken cross the road numerous times, or worse, adding new, pointless adjectives in every repetition, makes people despise the chicken. 

The chicken crossed the road. 🐥