Very first “5lb Scoop of the Day”: pay it forward

On Facebook, we used to have “breastfeeding tips of the day”, but here, I’m going to call them 5lb scoops 🙂 

Today is our premier scoop of day: encourage someone. If you see a girl with a really cute shirt, tell her you like her shirt. I mean, if she’s not on the phone or busy with something. If she gives you a mean look and walks away, meh. What are you out? More than likely, she’ll say thank you. And more than likely she needed to hear that at the moment you said it. 

When I do little things like that, it makes me so happy. It’s kind of along the lines of “Pay It Forward”. If you haven’t seen that movie, look up the trailer. Do something nice for someone else and save the world. 

Make your day brighter while making someone else’s day brighter! I call that a “twofer” 😊