When a baby cries, everyone runs to the word “colic”. It’s not necessarily true. Remember, there are many things that can seem like colic but aren’t. If you’re concerned about your baby, your doctor can do a full exam to rule out a medical cause for why your baby cries and is fussy. She could be irritable because of:
•An infection

•Acid reflux or stomach problems

•Pressure or inflammation of the brain and nervous system

•Eye trouble, like a scratch or increased pressure

•Irregular heartbeat

•Injury to bones, muscles, or fingers

Breastfeeding is a skill. 

Remember, breastfeeding is a skill and you need to learn how to do. Don’t be too hard on yourself if it isn’t easy for the first little while. After all, your baby will feel stressed if he/she picks up on your anxiety – babies are very intuitive, and if you’re on an emotional roller coaster, your baby could sense it. Having a baby and those first few months, especially if it’s your first child, is already emotional and stressful enough. And luckily, breastfeeding is something that is going to further your connection with your child, even if you have a few bumps in the road.